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Innovative Technologies

Smart metering

To meet the needs and requirements of its business customers, MET Romania has made strong efforts to remotely measure the consumption of electricity and natural gas.

Our systems involve IoT meter reading devices and an online platform where the end-user can make the desired settings to get real-time notifications, so that the effects are minimal in case of incidents.

The solutions have been tested by many customers in the market, who have shown their confidence and have turned to our offers.

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Energy Efficiency

MET Romania has made a permanent goal of implementing the Paris Climate Change Agreement. In this respect, we encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through solutions for the efficiency and modernization of electricity and natural gas consumption for both non-household consumers (SMEs or large industrial consumers) and for the residential segment.

The first step is to carry out an energy analysis of the place of consumption. The data obtained are then analyzed and a project is proposed for possible investment or new efficiency procedures, which will ultimately have the expected effect: reducing consumption.

We have a team of highly trained specialists working to the highest standards of quality, ready to meet even the most demanding expectations.
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Photovoltaic Systems

To the same end, of limiting climate change, MET Romania promotes the use of green energy. We support our customers with solutions for Photovoltaic Systems, from the simplest to large photovoltaic parks. The systems we propose are both On Grid and Off Grid.  All of our projects are documented and carried out in accordance with Romanian and European Union legislation.

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Charging stations for electric cars

MET Romania is always by the side of its customers by offering other diversified services as well. Such a service, which we have developed precisely to support our customers and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is represented by Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles or Plug In Hybrid Stations. Thus, we offer our customers a wide range of products, both fast and normal charging stations. 

We provide turnkey projects, from the acquisition of stations to their installation and commissioning, service and maintenance throughout the period of operation of the stations.

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Thermovision / Thermography

Another solution that MET Romania puts at the disposal of customers to reduce consumption is Thermovision (thermography), which is the measurement of the thermal field, by recording the infrared radiation and visualizing the temperature distribution on the observed surfaces.

Thermovision (non-contact and non-destructive method) is used to:

  • determine heat losses in thermal and similar installations;
  • detect defects during the operation of mechanical, electrical or electronic systems;
  • analyze the structure of constructions.

Thermovision has many advantages over other methods:

  • inspection of the systems is done in a very advantageous way for customers, without stopping the technological process;
  • the thermovision system provides an image that allows a rapid and accurate identification of overheated points, which are potential defects and even fire hazards;
  • the recorded images can be analyzed with a dedicated program on any computer;
  • it is possible to discover defects early, assess their risk level, plan the repairs - thereby reducing the failure rate, and resulting in a greater safety in operation; the verification will be completed by drawing up a report.

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Energy efficiency is a constant concern for MET Romania Energy SA in relation to its customers. For other additional information we recommend you to consult Law no. 121/2014 and to access the Energy Efficiency section on the ANRE website: