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Standard Offers


Balancing Responsible Party

  • MET Group  - positive financial results and financial stable;

  • Experience in the energy field (supply, trading, services on electricity and gas commodities);

  • 2nd place from a total of 119 BRP’s in the Romania BRP list (according to Transelectrica official website);

  • Competitive offer (valuable tariffs fees) with favorable contractual conditions;

  • Stability and predictability of service fees;

  • BRP Development based on simulations and compensation monitoring;

  • Advantageous compensation of the imbalances;

  • Sole department that manages all the activity of the BRP;

  • A experienced team (the team has more than 10 years cumulated experience in the BRP Service Market and over 20 years in the Romanian Electricity Market);

  • Financial and operational stability under conditions of transparency and objectivity;

  • Flexible guarantee principles;

  • Efficiency in setting up the BRP activities by diminishing the decisional chain;

  • Active compensation of the imbalances of each BRP MET Romania member;

  • BRP MET Romania team of specialists available 24/7 ;

  • Informatics program designed specially for the BRP activities: scheduling, imbalances determination, settlement calculation, billing;

  • Meet customer wishes and interests by selling competitive energy services at a high level of performance;

  • Highly motivated to become no.1 BRP in Romania

  • Activity carried out based on specific BRP procedures in accordance with ANRE and Transelectrica rules. 

Wholesale Transactions

MET Romania is a recognized participant, as early as 2015, on the electricity market both in Romania and in Europe.

Having an experience of over 20 in the energy sector, we are a strategic partner of the main energy suppliers and distributors in Romania.
MET Romania annually trades approximately 2,500,000 MWh. The latest reports of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy - ANRE - show that MET Romania is the only supply company with a growing market share: around 5% on the competitive market.
Considering the large share of energy from renewable sources in the energy mix offered by MET Romania, the wholesale price of energy is very advantageous, predictable and guaranteed throughout the contract

Purchasing Electricity

MET Romania is active on most of the centralized markets for electricity managed by OPCOM, such as the Centralized Market for Bilateral Contracts - Extended Auctions Mechanism (CMBC-EA), the Centralized Market for Bilateral Contracts - Continuous Negotiation Mechanism (CMBC-CN), the Centralized Market with Double Continuous Negotiation for Bilateral Contracts (Over the Counter Market - CM-OTC), the Day-Ahead Market (Spot Market - DAM), Intra-Day Market (IDM).

MET Romania has a balanced energy mix, but it focuses on energy from renewable sources. Moreover, the annual share of green energy accounts for over 50% of total electricity supplied by MET Romania to its end-consumers. The advantages are multiple: the use of environment-friendly, greenhouse-gas-free energy and, in addition, maintains the most advantageous prices for the end-consumer.