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MET Romania Energy SA

Postal address: Expo Business Park, 54A Aviator Popisteanu, Building 1, 4th Floor, 1st District, Bucharest - 012095
Telephone: +40 21 30 30 600
Fax: +40 21 30 30 602
TELVERDE: +40 08 008 00251

Bucharest Trade Register Office Number: J40/5516/1996
Unique Registration Code: RO1877048 

MET România Energy SA

The first activities of MET Group on the natural gas supply market in Romania have begun in 2009.

MET România Energy SA is currently one of the most important private suppliers, among the few with a growing market share. With a market share of approximately 5%, it is among the top 10 most important suppliers in the country, out of a total of about 100 companies active in this field. MET România Energy SA supplies electricity, natural gas and energy services to an increasing number of household and industrial consumers in Romania.

With a young but experienced team, MET România Energy SA has also become one of the most important companies taking the balancing responsibility on the electricity market (BRP - Balancing Responsible Party).

MET România Energy SA is owned by MET Austria Energy Trade GmbH (with a 99.99996% stake) and MET Holding AG (with 0.00004% of MET Romania titles).